Looking for Fun when There is Nothing to Do

The kids in my neighborhood like to sit around and do nothing in the summer. Sometimes they play their video games, but other than that, they just sit outside and have nothing to do. Whenever I see the kids, I ask them why they aren’t doing anything fun, and they always tell me that there is nothing exciting to do. This gave me a great idea. I contacted a Toronto party bus company and rented one of their buses for a day. I talked to the parents and gathered up all the kids to take them out for a day.

I took the kids to the local museum so they could learn while having fun. Hearing that we would be going to the museum didn’t fill the kids with a lot of excitement, but they were in for a shock. The museum was a science museum that had a lot of cool experiments that the kids could try. The kids could use magnets to make objects float, and even race floating magnetic cars along a track. There was a station where the kids could build their own working robots and then battle them against each other. The kids could even learn how to write software and make their own games.

After having fun at the museum, I took the kids to a local pizza place. Most of the kids had never been to this place before, but some of them had went with their parents and loved the pizza they served. What the kids didn’t know is that I had paid for an entire all you can eat pizza buffet. I also arranged with the cooks to let the kids make their own pizza if they wanted. Some of the kids couldn’t wait to get into the dough and start kneading away.

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