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Great Occasions to Travel in an Off-road Vehicle

“Off-road vehicles are tough and rugged and can make a trip go much easier. However, they are not an ideal choice for any situation. There are times when a 4×4 car will be useful and there are times when it would simply be unnecessary or even a hindrance. Here is a look at certain occasions when you would definitely benefit from traveling around in an off-road vehicle.

1. When you don’t know the area

An off-road car is useful because it can handle almost all kinds of terrain better than other cars. Therefore, if you are going to be in a situation where you will be driving for a long time and you do not know exactly what kind of terrain you will encounter, you are definitely better off with a 4×4 rather than a regular two-wheel drive car. This is a classic case of “better to be safe than sorry”.


2. Through rustic areas

If you are going to be leaving the big city and heading somewhere more remote, the drive will probably go a lot smoother in a 4×4. Even if you do not plan on leaving the road, chances are that the condition of the road will be significantly worse than what you are used to.


3. Sightseeing off the beaten path

If you plan on going on a trip where you will do a lot of nature sightseeing, you are better off in a 4×4. Seeing all of the cool stuff there is to see will probably require you venturing off the regular paths and traveling through rough terrain and this is where the off-road vehicle comes into its own.

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If you want to travel in style and don’t have a 4×4 of your own, you can go with a truck rental to make sure that your trip goes well. If you visit you are guaranteed to find a vehicle perfectly suited for your needs.

Car rental and excess waiver insurance: the facts

Almost two thirds of British holidaymakers drive a hire car overseas without paying for excess waiver insurance, according to a survey by the Post Office, leaving themselves open to massive bills if they get into an accident or the hire car is stolen. The Post Office Travel Money Car Rental Report highlights the importance of excess waiver insurance and how many travellers prefer to spend less on their car hire costs at the risk of paying more, further down the line. We look at excess waiver insurance – what is it, and why you need it when hiring a car.

What is excess waiver insurance?

Excess insurance protects you from having to pay the excess costs you are charged if the hire car is damaged in an accident, or stolen. For example, if you get into a crash while driving on your holiday and the cost of repair to the car is 2,500 pounds, you have to pay the excess amount stated in your car hire policy. For example, the excess could be 500 pounds – you will always need to pay this money while the insurance company pays the rest. If you have excess waiver insurance you won’t have to pay anything when the car is damaged.

Car hire insurance doesn’t give you total protection. Usually the basic package only reduces the amount you need to pay when you get into an accident. Taking out an excess waiver may add a little to the cost of your hire car but it can save you a lot of money.

Why don’t people take out EWI?

Car rental and excess waiver insurance the facts

Hit the open road with aluguer de automóveis but be safe with insurance

The clear reason why many travellers are choosing to drive abroad without excess waiver insurance is the cost. Paying for the insurance can add hundreds of pounds to the total rental cost. A lot of people are trying to make their holiday money stretch further and the thought of this extra cash outlay is enough to put them off choosing it. You can understand why many motorists pick the cheapest rate they find, no matter what it includes or omits.

In certain places, such as the US, excess waiver is included in the price of a car hire package. This means that in places like Florida the cost of hiring a car is considerably lower than in other countries such as Norway or Switzerland.

How to save on insurance

When you hire a car it can be tempting to go for the cheapest package price so you can spend more on your holiday accommodation and flight. Many people like to cut costs wherever possible, and insurance is one of the first places to trim. However, driving abroad can be difficult and there is always a chance that you could get into an accident and need to pay an expensive excess charge.

There is a way round the problem of buying excess waiver insurance from the car hire firm at a high cost. Bill Peterson writes on a variety of specialist and niche subjects such as Automobile. His recent article entry referencing was well received and has been referenced many times. He consistently researches news, views and innovation in his specialised field and presents his findings and thoughts with clarity and foresight.