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Hipro Power Your Best HID Conversion Supplier

As you may know from its name, HID is High Intensity Discharge that usually used in car’s renovations. Instead of using the conventional filament, the HID bulbs usually contain gas which requires a ballast to increase the voltage in your car. It usually uses Xenon as the most popular one in HID conversion. By using the HID bulbs, it can increase the voltage of your car from for example 12 volts to about 300 volts. Of course this will give you clearer and brighter vision even if you drive your car at night. That is why many people love to converse their regular one with this HID. If you choose the right one package, usually you can get a conversion kit which includes the bulb, ballast and wires together with the factory connectors for a hassle free installation. And its lowest price is about $35.

If you are looking for a good supplier for your HID conversion kit, then you can search for it in Hipro Power. In Hipro Power, you can look for any kind of Xenon HID conversion kit with color temperature that available of 5000k, 6000k, up to 12000k. They also carry the bulb type of 9004 up to 9007, H1, H3, H4, H7, H10, H11, and H13.

With those very complete model and size of the kit and the bulb, then it will make you easier in finding your own one. For the price, most of the conversion kits are sold in $49.00. However, maybe you can still find some other kits with the lower prices or higher prices. However, as you may know that the prices can affect to its quality. So, do not buy the cheaper conversion kits for your car if you are expecting the greater and powerful result. You better buy something in a high price to get the best result.