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How to Improve Headlight Performance and Night-Time Visibility

Due to the decreased amount of available light, driving at night presents an extra challenge opposed to driving during the daytime. Nighttime driving can have a dramatic impact on a person’s depth perception and overall visibility. Here are some easy ways to increase visibility while traveling at night. 

Install xenon headlight bulbs
On average, xenon headlight bulbs shine up to two times brighter than traditional halogen bulbs. This means that the driver will be able to see oncoming obstacles a lot easier. Many of the car owners who buy these bulbs find that even the low-beam setting will provide a sufficient amount of light. Most people can easily install xenon headlight bulbs in less than 20 minutes.

Maintain a clean windshield
A dirty windshield can cause a dramatic reduction in visibility at night. Dirty windshields are also a lot more likely to become foggy. Not only does the exterior of the windshield need to stay clean, but the inside also needs to be cleaned periodically.

Restore the headlight lens
Over time, plastic headlight lenses are susceptible to becoming faded. Many professional detailers are able to restore the condition of the headlights for a cost of $30. However, basic toothpaste can be used to eliminate minor fading.

Adjust the headlights
If the headlights seem to shine at the wrong angle, the aim can be adjusted by turning a few screws. To get the optimum setting, simply adjust the screws to lower or raise the projection of the light.