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Celebrate Australian Grand Prix 2013 With Car Hire Services Of Melbourne

Australian Grand PrixIf youve never observed thrilling F1 action, its worth putting off your trip in Melbourne till March 2013. Dont miss the chance to see probably the most exclusive racing event. Mix your travel with going through Australian Grand Prix and switch it into probably the most memorable and valued experience with your existence.

The Australian Grand Prix is going to be locked in Melbourne for four days from March 14-17 in the Albert Park Circuit only a couple of kilometers from the Central Business District. This is actually the venue for those racing occasions which are locked in Melbourne. When racetrack sits dormant for just about any event, it’s open for public automobiles for routine driving. Together with F1 action, youll have the ability to witness other action-packed motor sport groups including V8 Supercars, Formula Fords, the Porsche Carrera Cup, Ultimate Speed Evaluations, Shannons Historic Demos and Formula SAE Winning Cars. Besides these, you’ll also have lots of off course action.

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Beware of the Usual Auto Insurance Repair Scams

Auto insurance repair scams are getting increasingly common these days. There are a dishonest bunch of car body shops around who generally target the car owners after a severe accident when the car would need a thorough repair. It’s because when you have met up with an accident you would be in a deep stressful situation and thus won’t be able to think much before sending your treasured for repair.

So what are the common auto insurance repair scams these days? The first one is repairing your car with poor quality body parts. Yes, the scam artists from the body shop will claim to use brand new parts here and would charge the bill accordingly to your insurance firm but in reality they would use poor quality parts. As a result your car would be prone to damages frequently resulting in ever increasing repair and maintenance fee for you.

Another common scam here is fraudulent replacement of windshields. Many a times you will find an over caring mechanic approaching you voluntarily for replacement needs for windshield. In most of the cases these are scam mechanics who will somehow convince you for a windshield replacement. If you fall prey to them they will supply you a lesser quality shield claiming it to be a top notch one with high price and the difference is not easy to detect for an average driver. Now, a substandard windshield would be prone to damage easily leading to frequent repair expenses on your part. Besides, these scam artists can use your insurance details & file several false claims on windshield replacement on your name that in turn can make the insurance company cancel the policy finally.

So no matter how pressurized or stressful you are, always make sure to settle with a well recognized repair shop. Besides, you should have your car inspected by a qualified mechanic after the repair work to ensure everything is according to the claims made by the repair shop. For detailed information, visit

Top Ten Cars of 2013

2013 SRT ViperThe car manufacturers have made the decision introducing several stylish cars into the marketplace for 2013. These cars are positioned aside from previous models by their lightweight outside, effective engines, and added safety and connectivity features. For those who have to purchase a vehicle the coming year, here’s our suggestions about the best cars for 2013. You are able to choose an automobile based on your financial allowance as well as your needs. When your vehicle selection has been created, you will get the automobile shipped by experienced auto shipping company.

SRT Viper This design by Chrysler includes a lower body-weight along with a new suspension. The super vehicle is listed in a hundred grand. Your body consists of magnesium, aluminium and graphite. It features a horsepower of 640, offers a V-10 engine, and may achieve top speeds of 206 miles per hour.

Lexus LS 460 This excellent luxury vehicle comes with an changed exterior, a far more luxurious interior outfitted with technology, along with a more effective V-8 engine. A fascinating safety feature picks up a frontal collision with any 3-D object, firms the leading seatbelt and offers additional stopping pressure to assist steer clear of the collision. Cost: $70,000

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